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This Domain (couponline.co.za) and/or the corresponding PHP-Software (live-shopping/couponing-platform with frontend and backend) is for sale!

If you are interested in buying it, please contact us by email:

Note: Only serious mails with disclosed identity will be answered!


Terms of use

By using this website, you (hereinafter called „End User“) agree to the following terms of use.

Everything located on or in this website is the property of CoupOnline used with express permission of the copyright or trademark owner. Any posting, transmitting, distributing, linking, copying or modifying of this website without the express written permission of CoupOnline is prohibited.

The End User expressly agrees that use of this website is at user's sole risk. CoupOnline, its employees or partners don't warrant that use or content of the website will be uninterrupted or error free.

The End User agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless CoupOnline, its affiliates and their respective directors and employees from and against all claims and expenses arising out of the use of this website by the End User.

CoupOnline may terminate this terms of use agreement and/or the service and operation of the website at any time and reserves the right to make any changes to the this terms of use and/or the website.

Terms of sale

By ordering a CoupOnline coupon via the order process on this website, you (hereinafter called „End User“) make an offer to CoupOnline to purchase products you have selected based on specific restrictions of the merchant and on the following terms of sale and the CoupOnline privacy policy.

A CoupOnline coupon the End User purchases is redeemable for services by the seller of such services, hereinafter defined as "Merchant". CoupOnline sells the coupon. The Merchant provides this services. All CoupOnline coupons are promotional coupons that are offered to the End User below their face value.

CoupOnline coupons can be redeemed under the conditions of this terms of sale, the conditions of the particular CoupOnline coupon as specified in the offer (see section „fine print“) and the terms and conditions of the Merchant.

CoupOnline reserves the right to make any changes to the this terms of sale at any time. The version appliing to your order is the one which was valid at the when you ordered

Only one CoupOnline coupon can be used at a time for the promised services at the Merchants business and CoupOnline coupons cannot be combined with any other promotions or coupons unless otherwise specified in the offer (see section „fine print“) or by the Merchant. Neither the Merchant nor CoupOnline is responsible for lost or stolen CoupOnline coupons and the indemnity in case of a misuse redemption of lost or stolen CoupOnline coupons. Reproduction, sale or trade of CoupOnline coupons is prohibited. If the End User redeems the CoupOnline coupon for less than its face value, the End User does not receive store credit or cash back for unused value. The CoupOnline coupon expires on the date specified in the offer (see section „fine print“).

CoupOnline has the right to refuse or revoke any order placed by the End User. This can happen for example, if the minimum number of purchasers (as stated in the offer) is not reached during the promotion period of the offer. In case the End User already fulfilled the payment, CoupOnline has to give back the payed amount of money. If CoupOnline doesn’t receives the End Users payment in the correct amount during seven days after the promotion period of the offer ended, the Order shall be deemed refused by CoupOnline.

The delivery of CoupOnline coupons normaly proceeds via e-mail, imediately after the promotion period ended and CoupOnline received the payment of the End User. In the delivery e-mail there is a link to download the CoupOnline coupon from a website, so the End User can print out the coupon or just keeps the coupon-ID and secure code for the redemption at the Merchants business.

CoupOnline makes no warranty to the End User for the quality, safety, usability, or other aspect of the service and takes no responsibility for the services for which the CoupOnline coupon can be redeemed. The End User takes responsibility for own actions in utilizing the services of the Merchants.

If it gets impossible for the End User to use the CoupOnline coupon (i.e. the Merchant closes down) without personal negligence, CoupOnline will either refund the payed amount of money to the End User or provide another CoupOnline coupon of the same value. Apart from that CoupOnline does not offer refunds after the successfull delivery of the coupon happened.