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This Domain (couponline.co.za) and/or the corresponding PHP-Software (live-shopping/couponing-platform with frontend and backend) is for sale!

If you are interested in buying it, please contact us by email:

Note: Only serious mails with disclosed identity will be answered!


What is CoupOnline?

CoupOnline offers you new, attractive leisure activities in your area every day with up to 90% discount (for example, a R450 dinner for 2 for only R200 or a R500 photo shoot Coupon for only R100). Each deal requires a certain amount of people to register for this deal. Once this target number has been reached, each person will receive the voucher that they have purchased. The more people purchase these deals, the more chance you have of getting you deal!

Do I have to buy as a group to get the deal?

No, through the high amount of interested people who participate in the deal, we get attractive discounts, but of course everyone can redeem the Coupon for themselves.

Today's deal is great, but how do I get it?

You simply click on the "Buy" button - before the deal expires!

What happens if the minimum number of customers is not reached?

If the unlikely event occurs and not enough people are found (which has not happened so far thanks to our diligent users…) then there will be no deal and no one has to pay. If anyone has already paid, they will get there money back. So help and spread the word and convince your relatives, friends or colleagues to buy the deal as well. In this way, your deal will definitely happen!

I managed to get a Coupon - what now?

You will receive an email from us with your personal Coupon. There you can find all necessary information for the redemption. You can then print out your Coupon and take it to be redeemed at the respective establishment.

Will I need to redeem the Coupon on the same day I bought it?

No, many Coupons have a limited validity, but you do not have to spend it on the same day. Most of our Coupons are valid for 3 months or longer.

Can I get the Coupon for cash?

No, unfortunately this is not an option.

Can I redeem a partial amount of the Coupon?

At CoupOnline we say that this is not possible. However, asking the establishment if this is an option is out of our hands.

Do I have to announce the redemption of the Coupon?

You will only have to do this if it is required from you in our "fine print", but a calling the establishment in advance is always a good idea. When you are making an appointment with the establishment for your Coupon, make sure to mention that you are a Coupon bearer and that you have purchased your Coupon from CoupOnline.

Can I combine the Coupon with other offers?

Generally, this is not possible unless it is explicitly mentioned in our "fine print".

Can I redeem Coupons more than once?

No, a Coupon is redeemable only once and will be devalued. Our partners have a control system that prevents double redemption. The attempt to redeem a Coupon twice is considered fraud and can be prosecuted.

Can I giveaway a CoupOnline Coupon?

Yes! You are welcome to to give away Coupons, because they are transferable and can be redeemed by any bearer.

How can I find out about current deals?

You can subscribe to the CoupOnline newsletter here

Who do I contact if I have problems with my Coupon?

You can contact us via our Contact section.

How can I present my company with CoupOnline?

Please use the CoupOnline for Your business section.